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Your hair is the secret to learning more about your health

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  • Reveals Mineral Levels and Metabolic Activity in Your Cells

    Your health depends on key mineral levels inside your cells, as they activate the vitamins and enzymes to fuel your body. Blood tests measure levels outside cells, and the two are often not related. Did you know most magnesium is stored inside cells, whereas less than 2% is stored in blood? This means blood is a poor indicator of your magnesium levels.

  • Detects Hidden Imbalances

    Most health concerns are associated with a particular balance of minerals. Adjusting those minerals and their associated vitamin levels is often the most critical factor to restoring better health. You can have a normal blood test and still have hidden cellular mineral imbalances that are revealed in a hair test.

  • Detects Toxic Exposures

    The body needs to keep your blood pure and uncontaminated, so it works to quickly remove toxic heavy metals and instead stores them deep within your cells, which can be revealed in your hair. By acting as a receptacle for heavy metals, hair tests will effectively pick up metal toxicity.

  • Stable, Long Term Reading

    Your hair provides a long-term record of nutrients and toxins affecting your vitamin and mineral balances and overall metabolic activity. On the other hand, blood tests are subject to minute by minute fluctuations based on activity and food eaten most recently.

The Honed Difference

  • lifestyle surveys

    • Red crossRed circle

      Relies on self-reported symptoms vs. real data

    • Red crossRed circle

      Doesn’t address the root cause of nutrient imbalances or health concerns

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      Generalized nutritional support

  • blood tests

    • Red crossRed circle

      Measures extracellular mineral levels (outside your cells) which doesn’t reveal hidden vitamin or mineral imbalances

    • Red crossRed circle

      Unable to reveal toxic heavy metals

    • Red crossRed circle

      Subject to minute by minute fluctuations based on activity, emotions, and food eaten recently

    • Red crossRed circle

      Invasive needle or finger prick. Sample measured in viles or mililiters

  • honed metabolic test kit

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      Measures mineral levels and ratios inside your cells for a holistic understanding of what is affecting your metabolism

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      Reveals ongoing metal toxicity as cells act as a receptacle for heavy metals

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      Provides a long-term, stable reading of nutrient and toxin intake

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      Non-invasive, requires a mere tablespoon of hair

why most people need supplements

Most people need to supplement vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Here’s why.

  • Stress

    Even good stress like exercise can put a strain on mineral and nutrient reserves.

  • Dietary Choices

    Improper supplementation and consuming substances like alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other drugs can strain and disrupt nutrient balance.

  • Synthetic fertilizers

    They deplete soil of key minerals, so any plants (or animals) raised on that soil are missing most vitamins and minerals. This can make the foods you eat incomplete, robbing you of nutritional support.

  • Toxins

    They deplete your body of vital vitamins and minerals required for detoxification and tissue repair. Toxic metals and chemicals can be found in food, water, air and in everyday products like cosmetics and household cleaners.

Your health, optimized

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    Stop taking vitamins you don’t need

    Have you ever wondered if you should be taking a certain vitamin? Now you don’t have to. With our assessment you learn what your body needs to bring it into balance.

    Just as your needs are different, so are the supplements you take, and they shouldn’t all be taken every day. It’s why we rotate your vitamins and minerals daily like you would with your food.

    This way you get the right nutrients, in the right combinations, to avoid oversaturating your body.

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    Trusted, evidence-based analysis for enhanced performance

    We take the time to get to know you. Our metabolic test and assessment cross-reference 350+ biomarkers, symptoms, and lifestyle data points to generate a highly-effective personalized supplement plan.

    Our analysis has been clinically proven for over 15 years, developed and used for doctors, naturopaths, and professional athletes.

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    What will I learn?

    All about your nutrient levels – including any deficiencies or imbalances that are affecting your health and wellness. You get a precise understanding of the root cause for the symptoms you may be experiencing.

    We provide you with a comprehensive look at your assessment results, including metabolic type, nutrient imbalances, ratios and toxic elements. The report also includes your supplement recommendation, along with guidance on diet and exercise.

90% Of customers see improvement in their health

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Honed has made a profoundly positive impact on my health and wellness

I’ve lost weight, my skin glows, have smoother digestion, and more energy & focus which has resulted in better outcomes at work. The hair test is what makes all the difference. In this process I learned that my regular women’s daily vitamins were giving me too much calcium, which was making me sluggish and causing digestive issues. Honed has set my body and mind on the right track.

Farah, 48

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