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Finding reliable health & wellness guidance is hard, and with so many options available online, it's difficult to pick out which one is best suited for you. Do these personalized health & wellness brands even have your best interests in mind, or are they just trying to sell a product? Hint: if it sounds like a quick fix, they’re just trying to sell. 

Enter Paragon, the personalized vitamin brand that dares to care about you. This is what sets us apart:

1. We Take The Time To Learn Your Needs.

 When you start looking at all the vitamin brands on the market right now you’ll notice a trend: with a short list of questions they are ready to ship you “personalized vitamins”. How accurate can their quick assessments be?

The answer: not very accurate. Beyond what your answers tell them there is no verification for their results. You are slotted into one of a handful of generalised groups and recommended a list of vitamins. But you are not “generalised.” You are unique, and your supplemental needs are as unique as your fingerprint.

Paragon takes the time to get to know you. We don’t promise a quick fix, because a quick fix is not the answer. Our Personal Nutritional Assessment is the most accurate test available, and we have 15+ years worth of proven results and data to back it up. The way we prove it is by looking at your cellular fingerprint: your hair.

Both the testing of your hair and a comprehensive online assessment are critical to the generation of our analysis and personalized formulations. Then we cross reference the data from both analyses to make a 3rd level of deeper conclusions. 

2. Hair Sample: Pulling The Raw Data.

After completing the online assessment, we mail you an easy to use hair sample kit. Why do we require a hair sample? Hair testing provides a clear window into cell health, including metabolic activity, nutrient levels, and any toxic metal exposures. We require about a tablespoon worth of hair, and once you send it in to our lab they take care of the rest.

These charts reveal everything we need to get you started. You’ll be able to recognize hidden mineral imbalances, any toxic exposures, and your hair will provide us with a stable, long-term reading of all this data. It’s also more accurate and much less invasive than blood tests. Over 15 years ago it was discovered that we can’t pull sufficient health data from blood tests. This is because your blood is found outside your cells, and to better understand and address your health, we need to be able to look directly into your cells.

Hair testing provides us with continuing data on what has been going on inside your body over the past three months, while blood tests only reveal a short term picture. Blood tests measure mineral levels outside of the cells (extracellular), but your hair allows us to view the mineral levels and ratios within the cell (intracellular). And it’s intracellular minerals that activate vitamin and enzyme activity in your body. The data from your hair provides us with a wider and more complete look at your mineral levels and metabolic activity - as an example, only 2% of magnesium is stored in your blood, with 98% of it being stored inside of your cells. This method is much more convenient to you than a blood test, and provides a far superior reading of your health.

Combined with our comprehensive lifestyle assessment, we cross-reference the data to understand the nutritional imbalances and deficiencies driving more than 100 symptoms you may be experiencing.

Leah Wyar, VP of the beauty and wellness brand Byrdie, said that Paragon “changed [her] body” in an interview for Authority Magazine. Leah’s testimonial is just one of many stories available to read on our site

3. We Do So Much More Than Just Ship Vitamins.

In addition to providing a full analysis of what your body needs to perform at its best, we also guide you towards a better lifestyle. Providing you with the correct vitamins is a fantastic start, but true change comes through a holistic shift in your life.

Paragon provides guidance on diet, exercise, and lifestyle because we believe that making a positive difference in your life should be the main drive of any personalized vitamin company. We are the only personalized supplement brand that provides you with accurate scientific and lifestyle data to reinforce the positive changes you make in your life.

4. We’re With You Every Step Of The Way.

We then take it one step further and provide you the opportunity to retest and adjust your needs. We will be there to help when your life shifts from left to right, and we’ll provide you with our proven, accurate tests to keep you on track. If your intracellular metabolic activity changes, we will be able to notify you and provide you with the correct adjustments to make to your lifestyle.

At Paragon, we understand that life changes, so we change with you.

If you’re looking to see what our clients have to say about us, check out our website to read their stories. We always appreciate hearing back from our clients. 

You can also follow us on Instagram @paragonvitamins to keep up to date with our newest offerings.

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