How our Personalized Vitamin Programs Work

The price of your Hair Test Kit includes your lab testing and personalized report.  

Together, your questionnaire and hair test results form the basis of your report and personalized vitamin recommendations.  You’ll receive your personal health analysis via email.  We think you’ll be very surprised by what you find out… everyone is!

Your Personal Health Analysis: Each report is over 20 pages of detailed information on you! It provides a fascinating window into your unique body.  The report contains your vitamin subscription options, and a full metabolic analysis - with diet, lifestyle and exercise recommendations.  With this report in hand, you will have an incredible amount of actionable information at your fingertips. You can stop here and implement changes on your own, or you can kick your health into high gear with a Paragon vitamin subscription.

Choosing Your Subscription:  Our subscriptions provide the new standard in personalized supplementation to balance your specific metabolic needs.  

Only Paragon ensures you get the complete level of nutrients needed – with the minimum of capsules – by circulating and varying your daily intake, just as you rotate your foods, to ensure a balanced intake. 

We offer 3 different levels of personalized nutritional support, sent every 4 weeks:

The Essential subscription provides enough nutrient to cover & prevent basic deficiencies for those whose are quite well balanced. The Optimized and Performance subscriptions circulate higher levels of nutrients to enhance healing & recovery and physical & mental performance.

Paragon Essential:  8 personalized supplements daily, split between AM and PM packs - to provide the basics.  $36.50 US, about $1.25/day.

Paragon Optimized: 12 - 21 supplements daily, split between AM and PM packs -  an enhanced level of nutrient to support most busy people’s lifestyle.  Starting from $50 or $1.75/day.

Paragon Performance: 18 - 30 supplements daily, split between AM, mid-day, and PM packs -  a top level of nutrition, recovery, and detoxification support - for the most demanding work load, professional sport career, or those with multiple symptoms and significant nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that need more therapeutic levels of support.  Starting from $90, or $3.20/day

Each personalized vitamin program combines different levels of 100+ premium nutrients to provide:  

  • Water soluble vitamins and nutrients: premium B complex, R-ALA, and base level minerals
  • Fat soluble co-enzyme and vitamins: Vitamins A & beta-carotene complex, D3, E complex, K, and Kaneka Co Q10 Ubiquinol
  • Customized levels of minerals your individual metabolism requires
  • Customized levels of other nutrients necessary to address your specific symptoms and additional metabolic, detoxification, and healing support your testing & analysis indicates you need.

If you have questions, please reach us at  We’re happy to help.

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