Support your Immune system

Paragon Immune Defense gives your body the proper balance of nutrients to support a healthy immune system.

We are pioneers in the field of integrated medicine with over 15 years advising doctors and naturopaths on targeted nutritional interventions. Immune Defense provides you with quality essential nutrients scientifically proven to boost your immune system and reduce the potential for respiratory infection. Try it for 10 days and take sequentially for continued immune support.

What’s inside

Paragon Immune Defense provides your body with the proper balance of essential immune-system boosting nutrients listed below. Read how else you can enhance your immunity defense to infection.

Vitamin D3: supports the innate immune system and reduces potential for respiratory infection

Vitamin C: powers immune system & detox, and helps provide the building blocks for tissue repair

NAC, Glycine & AKG: supports glutathione synthesis for lung, liver and overall detox

Blend of water-soluble minerals & B-Complex, and fat-soluble vitamins: supports blood sugar control, energy production, and overall detox

R-ALA, B1 and B5: helps produce energy, reduce lactic acid impeding viral replication, and enhance cell function and healing

Zinc and Lysine: provides antiviral and overall metabolic support

The Paragon Difference

Everyone is different, and the supplements you take should be too. Our gold standard metabolic testing and assessment cross-reference 350+ biomarkers, symptoms, and lifestyle data points to generate vitamins customized for you. Only what you need, nothing you don’t.

Personalized vitamins delivered.

Get your personal assessment and monthly subscription of vitamins made just for you.
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