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The importance of custom vitamins

Vitamins and minerals activate the most critical enzyme reactions in the body. They ensure the proper functioning of digestion, hormones, detoxification, muscle activity, acid/alkaline balance, and cell synthesis and repair.

But it's critical that you are getting the vitamins your body needs, because you are unique, and your supplemental needs are as unique as your fingerprint. It's why we deliver the right formulas, in the right combinations, at the right time, all designed for you.

90% of people see an improvement in their health

For more than 15 years, Paragon research and nutritional interventions have helped improve people's health, and set records in Olympic and professional sport. Our gold standard metabolic test and online questionnaire cross-reference 350+ biomarkers, symptoms, and lifestyle data points, to make a highly-effective personalized supplement plan. 90% of patients 100% of athletes saw improvements in their health. 

Hair testing is essential for truly personalized, customized vitamins & supplements

Finding the right vitamins and supplements for you can be hard, which is why hair testing is essential to truly customizing your vitamin pack because your hair contains information other parts of your body doesn't. (Hint: blood tests and/or quizzes aren't enough!)

Reveals mineral levels and metabolic activity in cells

Detects hidden mineral imbalances

Detects hidden toxins

Stable, long term reading

Painless and non-invasive

Take the only vitamins and minerals you need: nothing more, nothing less

No two people (or their bio-chemistry) are exactly the same, so the supplements and vitamins you take shouldn't be the same either. It's why we have a unique approach to determine your individual body's need, all designed for you to your best every day.




Actions speak louder than words: more exercise, getting more things done, and having more fun.

Take a minute to read what our customers have done with Paragon Vitamins.

"Taking the plunge on my paragon account is the best decision I’ve made this year. I’m busy with a hectic schedule, which means sometimes taking care of myself takes a back seat and I forget/don’t have time to get my vitamins. With Paragon, I can put this core part of self care on auto-pilot and my health never takes the back seat."

Jason, 31

"As a Pharmacist, I know that my vitamin and supplement needs are not same every day and depend heavily on stress and energy expenditure. Over the last 4 months, stress (both mental and physical) had become a daily part of my life. Having my personalized Paragon packs on board has helped me tackle the unexpected and feeling more healthy each and every day. Since starting Paragon, I feel my personalized plan supplements those things I didn’t even know I needed and also helps to replenish what my body requires to function optimally."

David, 35

"After a few month of taking my personalized vitamins and supplements, I feel better than ever. I was hesitant at first, because I had never taken any vitamins before, but liked the idea that is was personalized just for me. The whole process was simple and straightforward from the hair test to the delivery right to my door. The daily packets make staying healthy easy! Thank you Paragon!"

Jill, 31

Personal Nutritional Assessment

Personal Nutritional Assessment

$129.00 USD

Here’s what’s included in your Starter Kit:

 1 Hair Test Kit to measure your nutrient levels

 1 Personalized Nutritional Assessment

 4 weeks of free personalized, custom vitamins and supplements

After your first month, your on-going monthly supplement and vitamin pack price will be determined once your results are in. From $39 - $99/month.

Risk Free: Change your subscription or opt out at any time.

Please Note: One kit per account. If you wish to order for someone else, please use the Gift Card option.

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