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"After a month in, I've noticed a big difference in the quality of my sleep"

From my hair analysis I learned  that among other things, I needed magnesium and adrenal support. Both are in my "Optimized" pack. After a month in, I've noticed a big difference in the quality of my sleep and have started waking up not feeling tired. I'm feeling alert and awake even before my coffee! I have found this process both super interesting and am seeing how the information from my testing and lifestyle fit together like a puzzle.

Elizabeth, 45

"Taking the plunge with Paragon is the best decision I made this year"

I’m busy with a hectic schedule, which means sometimes taking care of myself takes a back seat and I forget/don’t have time to get my vitamins. With Paragon, I can put this core part of self care on auto-pilot and my health never takes the back seat.

Jason, 31

"My skin has totally cleared up and I’ve lost at least 10 pounds"

The recommendations & supplements from Paragon have been amazing. It is coming up to three months since I incorporated them and I am so thrilled with the results. My skin has totally cleared up, I’ve lost at least 10 pounds, I no longer crave sugar or processed food, and mentally I feel so calm and clear headed.

Thank you so much for your help, Paragon has truly changed my life!

Andrea, 26

"The best part is I feel better"

I’ve been using Paragon Vitamins for a few months and it’s been a great experience. The setup is easy and the hair sample along with the questionnaire mean the recommendations are truly personalized to what I need. The packs are easy to use with specific instructions on when to take which vitamin. And when I’m done the month another pack arrives ready to go. The best part is I feel better! I have more energy and focus which is what I wanted in the first place. 

Nate, 40

"Zero zits since I've been on Paragon"

I used to have at least one blemish at all times on my face. Now no more! I've also been doing keto in tandem and have definitely lost some weight (faster than when I did keto in the past).  I can not thank my friend) enough for introducing me to Paragon. LIFE CHANGING!

Farah, 46

"I can’t say enough about how great I feel for the first time in years"

After I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I spent years trying to figure out how to feel like myself again. Sure, the medication helped, but I never felt 100% -- struggling with “off days” where I was lethargic, unfocused, anxious or foggy-headed. I thought that was just destined to be my new “norm” until I discovered Paragon Vitamins. I can’t say enough about how great I feel for the first time in years!! I’ve started working out again, I have clarity and focus for work, and I feel relaxed and happy. I would highly recommend them to anyone who suffers from a thyroid condition or who simply feels like they should be feeling better than they do.

Kate, 40

“I have seen a huge change in my body using Paragon"

My muscle soreness and arthritis are gone. I can run up the mountain way easier now. my energy levels are back up. And my focus has been incredible, sort of like a fog lifted off my brain. Also, significant things are being fixed - anxiety and depression are virtually gone. I have laser focus now.

Michael, 44

"After a few month of taking my personalized vitamins, I feel better than ever"

I was hesitant at first, because I had never taken any vitamins before, but liked the idea that it was personalized just for me. The whole process was simple and straightforward from the hair test to the delivery right to my door. The daily packets make staying healthy easy! Thank you Paragon!

Jill, 39

"I love that these vitamins are personalized for my specific needs"

It was so easy to get started and now I'm no longer wasting money on vitamins I don't need that just sit in my cupboard. It's a smarter investment in my health. I've been taking them for 3 months now and definitely notice an improvement in my energy level and I have not been sick once.  As a side benefit, I'm also now drinking a big glass of water with my vitamins to start and end my day.

Natalie, 43

"It has been a major help on my road to better health"

When I started my program with Paragon I didn't know what to expect. I had been dealing with caffeine dependency, as well as trouble falling asleep at night and it was starting to take a toll. After two months, and for the first time in decades, I no longer feel the need to have caffeine. Now I have natural, consistent energy throughout the day. Slowly, but steadily I'm getting more restful, deeper sleep. I'm finally back to getting 6 to 7 hours of deep sleep, something I haven't experienced in a long time. To the folks at Paragon Vitamins, thank you so much - for me, it has been a major help on my road to better health.

Jason, 49

"My personalized supplements give me the nutrients I didn’t even know I needed"

As a Pharmacist, I know that my vitamin and supplement needs are not the same everyday and depend heavily on stress and energy expenditure. Since starting Paragon, my personalized supplements give me the nutrients I didn’t even know I needed and also helps to replenish what my body requires to function optimally.

David, 35

"These vitamins and minerals have made a huge difference"

Good work Paragon! These vitamins and minerals have made a huge difference in mobility and numbness in my legs and feet these days. 

Philip, 58

"Easy to incorporate into my routine"

I've been taking Paragon Vitamins for 2 months, and I'm surprised how easy it's been to incorporate into my routine. I leave the box in my kitchen where I take my night and morning packs, and I throw the mid-day pack in my purse to take at work. Easy easy.

Rachel, 35

"I am pretty healthy already and this compliments my healthy lifestyle"

I found the specific doses of vitamins (based on the hair analysis) to be much easier for me to follow, versus buying a lot of different vitamins and trying to figure out what doses work best for me. The results have been a more balanced mood and an easier time falling to sleep at night. I will say that I am pretty healthy already and this regime compliments my healthy lifestyle which includes diet and exercise.

Paul, 52

"I have seen noticeable changes with with energy levels"

I wanted to reach out to say how much I'm enjoying my Paragon supplement packs. After the first few months on my plan, I have seen noticeable changes with with energy levels. I also wanted to try the packs to see if they helped my digestive issues and they have made a positive difference in this regard as well!

Tess, 28

"Paragon is on the cutting edge of what health, diet and supplements are"

The most incredible thing about Paragon is that they have come up with a model that makes vitamins and health affordable to everyone!!!

The first step was their comprehensive hair analysis which let me know exactly what my strengths and deficiencies were. There is no other company that I know of that can provide such a complete diagnostic of an individual's current mineral levels at such a minimal cost. From that point forward there was a sense of assurance that my unique sample was scientifically analyzed, and I was put on a supplement program that balanced my needs with what I was already doing with my diet and lifestyle.

I truly believe that Paragon is on the cutting edge of what health, diet and supplements are. There is no longer any need for anyone to put blind faith in a vitamin company, or product, to give them what they think they need.

Paragon has given me balance. I feel clearer. They have changed how I feel about my day. Absolute respect to Paragon. I support what they what to achieve...which is health for all.

Kevin, 47

"My skin is better with my personalized vitamins"

I have more energy and my skin is better with my personalized vitamins. Appreciate how easy it is to take the right vitamins at the right time of day.

Erin, 40

"The crème de la crème vitamin company in a world filled with sub par products"

First, I feel great taking these vitamins! I have more energy throughout the day and totally clear headed (also adjusted what I do and don't eat based on the personalized report created for me). After sending in a hair sample and filling in the questionnaire... voilà, you get a comprehensive report personalized for you. It's fantastic! I signed up for the mid level vitamin plan and they sent me personally packaged supplements that the analysis showed I need. Convenient, super high quality product, and the proof in the (chia) pudding so to speak....I feel great!  I definitely encourage you to try Paragon. I have tried others and this is the crème de la crème vitamin company in a world filled with sub par products.

Tedd, 58

"My overall energy throughout the day has changed dramatically"

It is important to know that your body needs additional vitamins and minerals that we can't gain in full through a healthy diet and lifestyle. With Paragon Vitamins you don't have to worry about that. I really love having a personalized routine (on the Optimized option, switched from Essential after the first month). My overall energy throughout the day has changed dramatically, there are no more sleepless nights. The packaging is great - it makes it very easy and convenient when on the go or traveling. I highly recommend the product!

Krassi, 40

"For years I have not felt as well as I do right now"

Just to let you know... For years, I have not felt as well as I do right now.

Paul, 73

"I have not been sick yet all winter"

I wanted to write to tell you about my progress and to thank Paragon for the advice. I have not been sick yet all winter!! Thank you for all the wonderful advice - it seems to be working!

Julie, 33

"It paid off too -- with TWINS"

I just wanted to thank you again for ALL of your help, I truly appreciate everything Paragon has done! It paid off too -- with TWINS!! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Ana, 34

"My vitamins seem to be working"

My vitamins seem to be working- I won two bronze medals at a BC athletics event last Sunday!
First time ever that I ran the 100 metres and I also medaled in the shot put.  

George, 75

"I have more energy than I can remember in a long time"

I was at the cottage recently and had absolutely no problems with the flights of stairs (there are a lot of them!) - last year I struggled with them but since being on the vitamins I have more energy than I can remember in a long time.

Barbara, 80

"I feel the best I have in years"

About six years ago I began to notice heart palpitations after going for a run or lying down. Over the next few years it became more frequent and would happen two or three times per day. I was alarmed and went to my doctor who referred me to a well-known heart specialist. I was put through stress tests, ultra-sounds, 24 hour heart rate monitors and the conclusion was that I had a heart arrhythmia that he could not explain the origin of but that it was a benign and I should go home and relax and “be glad you are alive every day when you wake up". I did this but the stress of the daily palpitations wore on me and I met with another heart specialist who ended up concluding the same thing. It was stress he said and I was not to worry. 

This brings me to Paragon. My recommendation advised calcium and magnesium based on analysis of my symptoms. Since that moment I have had exactly one palpitation over all these weeks!! I am finding out now how stressed I was because I feel as though a dark cloud has been lifted. Every time I lie down I expect something to happen and then it doesn't. What a great feeling. I am not taking any medication and I feel the best I have in years. Once again thanks for your help.

Derek, 40

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