From Paragon Sciences clients benefiting from the supplement, nutrition, exercise and life style advice generated by Paragon's metabolic research & analysis algorithm for clients and doctors.

“I wanted to write to thank you so much for the recommendations Paragon gave me. It is coming up to three months since I incorporated all of the suggestions and I am so thrilled with the results. My skin has totally cleared up, I’ve lost at least 10 pounds, I no longer crave any sugar or processed food, and mentally I feel so calm and clear headed.

Thank you so much for your help, you have truly changed my life!”

Andrea, 26

First winter that I can remember without the blues. My afternoon energy is back too - first time in 5 years.  My hair analysis indicated that I needed magnesium and adrenal support - that tired adrenals can be linked to feeling exhausted and to waking up not feeling rested.  And magnesium could help if I wake in the night. Both are in my "Optimized" pack.  Now a month in, I've noticed a big difference in the quality of my sleep and have started waking up not feeling tired. I'm feeling good - alert and awake before my coffee.  Paragon, you're a game changer, thank you!! 

Elizabeth, 45

“It has been 15 years since I first came to Paragon about my recurring diverticular disease and, I cannot overstate how grateful I am for your intervention.

The good health that I enjoy today is remarkable when you consider that prior to this, I had no fewer than five episodes of Diverticulitis in a three year period. Three of these episodes required hospitalization. After the last period of hospitalization, my GP suggested to me that the only way to solve this recurring problem was through surgery. He referred me to a colorectal surgeon who, after several examinations and numerous tests, agreed that a colon resection was indeed the only answer. I reluctantly resigned myself to the necessity of this invasive procedure. Then fate intervened when it was suggested that I contact Paragon.

The rest, as they say, is history. The dietary changes advised have become part of my everyday living. My recurring diverticular disease is no more than a bad memory. I now know that conditions such as mine can be cured through proper diet. Given the proper nutrients, the body can repair itself. However, it is more complicated than that. My good fortune was that I was advised by a team that possess a sound scientific background and the courage to think outside the box. Please accept my thanks.”

James, 58

"Just letting you know my feet are getting much better, sometimes end of day not so much, but overall much more mobility. Really happy to be able to walk through a store again without worrying about not being able to walk out. Good work Paragon! Big difference in mobility and numbness these days. The vitamins and minerals have made a huge difference in my body, only have a little numbness in my feet, gone from the calves and legs completely!”

Philip, 58

“I struggled with chronic pancreatitis for a decade, resulting in more frequent acute episodes that required hospitalization. As a solution, my doctors suggested surgery to remove part of my pancreas where the ducts were obstructed by the development of calcified stones.

Wanting no part of the surgery, I turned to Paragon.

Through a tailored protocol of metabolic testing, targeted vitamin and nutrient supplementation, dietary guidelines, and anaerobic training, my body dissolved the calcified obstruction and improved pancreatic function, allowing me to reclaim overall health.”

David, 34

“I just wanted to thank you again for ALL of your help, I truly appreciate everything Paragon has done!

It paid off too -- with TWINS!!

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.”

Ana, 34

“Hi Paragon, just to let you know... For years, I have not felt as well as I do right now.”

Paul, 73

From a case study subject suffering from very severe ulcerative colitis. He had not had a normal bowel movement in over 15 years. When he asked for our help, he was suffering through 18 — 20 bouts of diarrhea per day.

Just back from 5 days in Ontario. I am feeling great and loving not being sick.

Going to the bathroom approx twice in the mornings between 8 and noon and then nothing till the following morning. Pretty amazing!

Down to 4 prednisone a day and will be decreasing to 3 a day starting Friday. This is kind of a crucial period right there. Going to the gym 2-3 times a week and trying to get some strength back especially in the legs.

Eating mostly fish, chicken, brown rice, spinach and zucchini and soups that Mary is still making such as chicken soup and lentil soup.”

Trey, 51

“Paragon is the greatest. I'd like to hire you for a 30 min phone consultation. Let me know if you are available for this and the number and times that are best for me to call.”

Dr. P.D. MD

The email below was from a leading NY neurologist after he reviewed Paragon’s treatment protocol for a stroke patient:

“I think the role of nutrition in stroke rehab is terra incognita. The only rule that we follow is to keep blood sugar concentration low since high levels are known to extend infarcts and lead to worse outcomes.

Paragon has a lot to teach. You should go on the medical seminar circuit. (I'm serious!)”

Dr. P.V. MD

“I wanted to write to tell you about my progress and to thank Paragon for the advice. I have not been sick yet all winter!! I have been pretty consistent with the organic food and spring water. I take a mixed oil with omega-3 and omega-6. I also use the goats whey in warm water. It seems to be working, my health is much better this winter. Thank you for all your wonderful advice - it seems to be working!”

Julie, 33

“I would like to thank Paragon for all this precious advice. After not being able to find the Omega Balance Oil I opted for the Sunflower seed oil/Flax oil mix with 2 tbsp of each in my milkshake. I also stopped running for now but did some yoga to feel still active. And guess what?! My milk supply came back! I used to have a hard time pumping 1 oz at night and the 2 last nights I was able to reach 4 oz! Thanks again.”

Sabina, 31

This client’s wife remains in full robust health today 15 years later…

Want to let you know that all is well, very well, in fact - thanks in no small measure to Paragon’s advice. Thank you. Jane (named changed) had her third follow-up CT week before last, and everything is (still) all clear. Almost two years out now, and that's a big threshold, according to the medical community. I think she finally believes the cancer may be gone and may not be coming back. I've seen a real change in her since that last CT scan. The old Jane is finally back! I hadn't really noticed she was gone, but now that she's back, I realize how much I missed her.”

Stuart, 43

“About six years ago I began to notice heart palpitations after going for a run or after lying down. Over the next few years it seemed to become more frequent and would happen two or three times per day. I was alarmed and went to my doctor who referred me to a well-known heart specialist in Montreal. I was then put through stress tests, ultra-sounds, 24 hour heart rate monitors and the conclusion was that I had a heart arrhythmia that he could not explain the origin of but that it was a benign type and I should go home and relax and “be glad you are alive every day when you wake up".

I did this but the stress of the daily palpitations wore on me and I met with another heart specialist who ended up concluding the same thing. It was stress he said and I was not to worry. I then met with a heart surgeon in New York state who again said the same thing to me. I noticed that over time as the palpitations increased in frequency that it happened more and more when I was in a prone position at any time of day or night.

This brings me to my first visit with Paragon. My recommendation advised calcium and magnesium based on analysis of my symptoms. Since that moment I have had exactly one palpitation over all these weeks !! I am finding out now how stressed I was over this because I feel as though a dark cloud has been lifted. Every time I lie down I expect something to happen and then it doesn't. What a great feeling. The stress relief is huge…

… I have had chronic reflux problems for the past three years and I have not had an episode since the Paragon recommendations. I am not taking any medication and I feel the best I have in years. I recently had a massage and it was the first time ever that there were no knots in my back that had to be worked on extensively to relieve. I am about to ramp up my training levels and I will report back on my flexibility and anything else that comes up. Once again thanks for your help.”

Derek, 40

This note was from the same case study subject above 2 1/2 years later…

I thought you might be interested. I just lost in the finals of the world doubles squash championships in Toronto last weekend. The season is over and time to do some offseason training and come back full force for next year. Thanks for Paragon’s continued recommendations.”

Derek, 42

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