Choose the subscription level right for you

Your monthly subscription recommendation will be determined with the results in your Personal Nutritional Assessment. 

All levels offer a personalized combination of supplements in convenient daily packs sent every month. We provide the first month supplements free with purchase of your Personal Nutritional Assessment. You can change or opt out of your subscription at anytime. No hidden fees.

Three levels of supplement support

Essential Subscription helps fuel your body and balance your minerals, to improve energy, sleep, and overall wellness. It provides essential nutrients to address basic deficiencies and imbalances for those whose mineral levels are nearly balanced and experience very few symptoms. Includes: 6-8 personalized supplements daily, split between AM and PM packs. Starting from $39USD monthly, or $1.50/day.

Optimized Subscription goes beyond Essential to help fuel and rebalance the body, and detoxify and rebuild tissues by circulating additional nutrients. It addresses greater deficiencies, imbalances, and symptoms, to enhance healing and improve physical and mental performance.  Includes: 12-20 supplements daily, split between AM, MIDDAY and PM packs. Starting from $75USD monthly, or $2.50/day.

Performance Subscription is designed for elite athletes, as well as those with the most demanding lifestyles or with numerous and problematic symptoms. Recommended for those that require more fuel, detoxification, rebuilding, and nutritional support. It is more nutrients than most people need. Includes: 20-30 supplements daily, split between AM, MIDDAY and PM packs for a more therapeutic level of support. Starting from $140USD monthly, or $5.00/day.

What type of nutrients are in all monthly subscriptions?  

Each personalized vitamin program combines different levels of 100+ premium nutrients:  

  • Water soluble vitamins and nutrients: premium B complex, R-ALA, and base level minerals
  • Fat soluble co-enzyme and vitamins: Vitamins A & beta-carotene complex, D3, E complex, K, and Kaneka Co Q10 Ubiquinol
  • Customized levels of minerals your individual metabolism requires
  • Customized levels of other nutrients necessary to address your specific symptoms and the metabolic, detoxification, and healing support your testing and analysis indicates you need

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