Paragon Min Plex

Paragon Min Plex

Provides the new gold-standard of bioavailable Magnesium (as aspartate, orotate, malate and oxide), plus manganese, chromium, and vanadium for those deficient to enhance glucose uptake and metabolism. Designed and tested to support energy uptake, overall metabolism, relaxed and enhanced mental & muscular function, improved cardiovascular function, and deep sleep for maximum recovery.

The product of 25 years of testing and use with professional athletes, there is no better magnesium supplement available to support muscle and mental function, either for athletics or focused day-in-day-out performance.

Designed to be combined with Formulas 1 & 2 and the complimenting personalized minerals indicated by your testing & analysis.


- Magnesium 100 mg (45.5 mg as aspartate, 24.5mg as oxide, 16.7 mg as malate, 13.3 mg as orotate)
- Manganese 1 mg (as gluconate)
- Chromium 200 mcg (as GTF polynicotinate - ChromeMate)
- Vanadium 15 mcg (as Bisglycinato oxo vanadium)
- Non-Medicinal Ingredients: chlorophyll vegetable capsule (cellulose)

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Our pioneering metabolic research has helped produce the most natural, bio-available combinations of nutrient required to address imbalances and biochemical toxicities determined through metabolic testing.


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