Paragon Para Complex

Paragon Para Complex

Targeted blend of premium minerals in a base of organic greens to support thyroid function and the sympathetic nervous system when combined with Paragon Formulas 1 and 2.


- Potassium 10 mg, as Dipotassium Phosphate
- Zinc 1 mg, as Zinc Monomethionine
- Manganese 1mg, as Manganese Gluconate
- Iodine 100 mcg, as Potassium Iodide
- Selenium 20 mcg, as L-Selenomethionine
- Phosphorus 12.3 mg, as Dipotassium Phosphate
- Non-Medicinal Ingredients: capsule (cellulose), organic greens

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Our pioneering metabolic research has helped produce the most natural, bio-available combinations of nutrient required to address imbalances and biochemical toxicities determined through metabolic testing.


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