Paragon ZMC

Paragon ZMC

An optimum blend of zinc, manganese and vitamin C to enhance overall zinc metabolism and enzyme function. Boosts detoxification, resistance to allergies, production of hormones, muscle strength, fertility, and resistance to viruses in those who are deficient. Should always be consumed in balance with adequate copper and iron intake from foods (or supplements) unless indicated otherwise by metabolic testing.


Zinc 25 mg (as zinc monomethionine)

- Manganese 15 mg as (as manganese gluconate)

- Vitamin C 500 mg (as ascorbic acid) 

- Bioflavonoids 100 mg

- Non-Medicinal Ingredients: capsule (cellulose)

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Our pioneering metabolic research has helped produce the most natural, bio-available combinations of nutrient required to address imbalances and biochemical toxicities determined through metabolic testing.


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