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Welcome to the future of vitamins. Personalized supplements designed to fuel, detoxify and repair. Custom daily packs delivered monthly.


It's easy to get personalized vitamins

Day 1

Assess your health

An online questionnaire and simple hair test kit delivered to your door. Together they create your Personal Nutritional Assessment and vitamin plan.

Month 1

Take your vitamins

Receive your Personal Nutritional Assessment and select your subscription. Designed to re-balance your metabolism and overall health.

Month 2+

Review and track

Maintain or adjust your vitamin plan anytime. Re-test and update your questionnaire over time to ensure you are always getting exactly what you need.


Stop surviving, start thriving

Life is changing faster than our bodies can keep up with. Your health is constantly threatened by modern toxins, stress, demineralized soils and dietary choices.

Don’t be afraid – take action. We’ve backed our supplements with science, using innovative testing and formulations precisely designed to balance and energize.

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Our revolutionary health analysis

Empower yourself with access to one of the most sophisticated health systems in the world – and the only model of its kind.

Our gold standard metabolic testing and online questionnaire cross-reference 350+ biomarkers, symptoms, and lifestyle data points, to generate a highly-effective personalized supplement plan. It has been clinically proven for over 15 years, first developed for doctors, chronic illness, and pro athletes.


Don't take our word for it

For more than 15 years Paragon research and nutritional interventions have helped improve people's health, and set records in Olympic and professional sport. But actions speak louder than words: exercising more, achieving more, and having more fun. See what our customers have to say.


We are the future of vitamins

Our scientists are pioneers in the field of integrated medicine. Our clinical testing and analysis have been used for over 15 years advising naturopaths, doctors, Olympic athletes, and people facing chronic illness on targeted nutritional interventions.

We use only the cleanest and highest quality products in the most bioavailable forms. Proprietary formulations ensure nutrients are delivered in the ratios and forms nature intended, to balance your biochemistry and enhance wellness and performance.

Non-invasive, easy to use testing done from your home. Retesting ensures your vitamin plan adjusts to your dynamic body, lifestyle, and changes in your health.

Each person is different, and your vitamin plan should reflect that. Our recommendations are based on your Personal Nutritional Assessment, combining results of the online qustionnaire and metabolic test.

Packaged in recyclable daily sachets and delivered to your home monthly. You can pause or cancel at anytime. No hidden fees.

Our direct to consumer business model enables us to pass on cost savings to our customers with every purchase. 

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We passionately strive for simplicity and respect – both for our customers and our environment. This means:

No unneeded supplements

No excessive packaging

No retail margins

No commission sales people


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"I was introduced to Paragon Vitamins earlier this year and it has changed my body."
- Leah Wyar, VP and GM at Byrdie

Almost 30
los angeles

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