Personalized supplements for better

We test your nutrient levels to give you the precise vitamins and minerals you need to feel your best everyday. Nothing more, nothing less.

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"I was introduced to Paragon Vitamins earlier this year and it has changed my body."

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"Cutting-edge product designed to restore your mind and body."

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"It was like having the most thorough physical exam of my life."

How It Works

Order your test kit

Our metabolic test kit is delivered to your door and combined with the online questionnaire gives you a holistic understanding of your body’s needs.

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Review your assessment

Your results are available in your account, detailing nutritional imbalances, mineral ratios, and heavy metal exposures.

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Choose your plan

Select the personalized vitamin plan that suits your lifestyle. All plans are specific to you, designed to re-balance your metabolism and improve your health and wellness.

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Track your progress

We evolve with you. Simply monitor changes and adjust your personal vitamin plan at anytime. Re-test over-time to ensure your vitamins change with your lifestyle.

It's easy to get started

90% of customers see improvement in their health

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✓ Improved energy

✓ More restful sleep

✓ Immunity support

✓ Hormone balance

✓ Healthier skin, hair and nails

✓ Greater athletic performance

Personalized nutrition, backed by science

Comprehensive testing

Means you only take what you need.

Our metabolic test and assessment cross-reference 350+ biomarkers, symptoms, and lifestyle data points to ensure you only take vitamins your body needs.


Highest quality ingredients

We only use the cleanest and highest quality ingredients in the most bioavailable forms, all tested under the FDA’s Current Manufacturing Practices.


We think food first

In today’s world it’s difficult to get the proper balance of nutrients with food alone. We approach vitamins like food, rotating daily to avoid unnecessary supplements.



We focus on results

We take feeling better everyday seriously. By focusing on the root cause – nutrient imbalances – you will see a noticeable improvement in your everyday.

Get started with zero risk

If your nutrient levels are already optimal, we’ll give you your money back.
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