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Welcome to the future of vitamins. Personalized nutritional support designed to fuel, detoxify and repair. Daily packs delivered monthly.


How it works

Your body talks & we listen. We combine your hair test results with your questionnaire to create a unique bio-blueprint. Then, we design and develop a comprehensive, tailored-made wellness program, put it at your fingertips & deliver directly to your door. You take it from there.

Step 1

Order Hair Test

Your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) comes with simple instructions & everything you need. Just snip and send your hair for evaluation (mail & evaluation takes 10-15 business days).

Step 2

Take the Quiz

With your Hair Test Kit ordered, you'll be directed to the questionnaire. It takes less than 15 minutes and becomes part of your analysis, helping find nutritional imbalances and their root causes.

Step 3

Review Results

We send a tailor-made wellness guide, cross referencing your metabolic testing and questionnaire assessment results. It includes both your analysis & your subscription options.

Sample Report
Step 4

Start the Program

Choose your monthly vitamin subscription. With your order is on its way, you now have all the tools to take control of your health - from dietary and nutritional support, to lifestyle and fitness advice.

Daily Packs

Stop Surviving, Start Thriving

Life is changing faster than our bodies can keep up with. Your health is constantly threatened by modern toxins, stress, demineralized soils and dietary choices. Don’t be afraid – take action. We’ve backed our supplements with science, using innovative testing and formulations precisely designed to balance & energize.

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Our Revolutionary Analysis

Empower yourself with access to one of the most sophisticated health systems in the world – and the only model of its kind. We use a combination of online assessment and metabolic testing, analyzing your results using our proprietary software. Our cutting-edge technology has been proven in-use for over 15 years and will safely, reliably and affordably determine your individual supplement needs.


Superior Results

When it comes to vitamins, take what works best and leave the rest. Control starts with cutting out the guesswork. Our analysis & formulations are  based on years of scientific knowledge and practical application, distilled into a system designed to give you only what you need. Take a moment to see how we’ve helped others get what’s theirs.


Superior Formulations

We use only the cleanest and highest quality products in the most bioavailable forms. Proprietary formulations ensure nutrients are delivered in the ratios and forms nature intended, to balance your biochemistry and enhance wellness & performance.


The Future of Vitamins

Pioneers in the field of integrated medicine, our clinical testing & analysis and the algorithm driving it have been proven for 15 years advising naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, and pharmacists on targeted nutritional interventions for patients & athletes.

Combined inputs of online assessment and metabolic testing means we provide safe, truly customized, data-based recommendations.

Non-invasive simple testing done from your home. Retesting allows program to follow your dynamic body & lifestyle, and adjust to your improvements

Each person is different, our recommendations are based on the results of your unique lifestyle & data-based results.

Packaged in individual daily sachets and delivered via subscription to your home monthly. You can pause or cancel at anytime.

Our direct to consumer business model enables us to pass on cost savings to our customers with every purchase.

Core values that drive
customer value

We passionately strive for simplicity and respect – both for our customers and our environment. This means:

  • No unneeded supplements
    No excessive packaging
    No commission sales people
    No retail margins

By being vertically integrated, we have taken what’s ours – sourcing our materials, manufacturing, monitoring quality and selling directly. This allows us to always give you the highest-quality product at the lowest price.

Core values that drive<br>customer value

Don’t take our word for it.

Actions speak louder than words: more exercise, getting more things done, and having more fun. Take a minute to read what our customers have done with Paragon Vitamins.

"Taking the plunge on my paragon account is the best decision I’ve made this year. I’m busy with a hectic schedule, which means sometimes taking care of myself takes a back seat and I forget/don’t have time to get my vitamins. With Paragon, I can put this core part of self care on auto-pilot and my health never takes the back seat."

Jason, 31

"Over the last 4 months, stress both mental and physical had become a daily part of my life. Having my personalized Paragon packs on board has helped me tackle the unexpected and feeling more healthy each and every day."

David, 35

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