Frequently Asked Questions

Question One

What if I forget to take my vitamins at the right time?

We usually suggest to take with meals because it helps with your routine, evenly spreads a boost of nutritional support throughout the day, and helps prevent stomach upset for anyone sensitive to supplements.  We also pre-plan by giving energy boosting supplements in the morning or at midday, and those that help with relaxation in the evening. But there are no hard rules and it might take you a bit of experimenting.  If you forget to take at breakfast for example you can take extra with lunch or with a mid morning or afternoon snack.  Most people do not report stomach upset, if this is you, then you won't have to worry about timing with food. With the evening supplements, if you forget to take before dinner, take before bed or when you remember.  We wouldn't suggest taking the AM supplements in the evening because you don't need to get energized right before bed!  If you forget a whole day, just start again the next day.  And if you get really behind we can also pause your subscription for a few days so they don't pile up.

Question Two

What about my other supplements?

We typically suggest you stop taking your other supplements when you start taking your Paragon program.  Our products cover all the bases, and are higher quality and absorb better than most other products, so they will replace and provide enhanced support over what you are taking now.  If you have a specific supplement that we don't offer, feel free to get in touch with us and we can provide you a specific answer.  Our questionnaire checks for any contraindications with specific prescription products, but if you have any serious health issues, or are taking medication always best to check in with your doctor before making any changes.  

Question Three

Can you tell me more about hair testing?

Yes, we have a section on hair testing to help you understand why this type of testing is so reliable, revealing and different from a blood test. Please visit our "Why Hair Testing" section on our Science page.

Question Four

Where do you ship to?

Right now we ship to the USA and Canada.

Question Five

I have thin hair, will you see where I cut the hair from?

Not at all. When you take your hair sample, best is to cut small sections from a few places. You only send the 1" - 2" closest to your scalp and throw the rest away. It will feel a bit prickly where you cut the hair, but as long as you cut small sections, they are too small to see even if you have thin hair.

Question Six

I am bald. Does that mean I'm out of luck?

No! There are a couple options open to you.  If you are bald because you shave your head, you can save your hair shavings in an envelope for a period of time until you have enough hair.  This takes longer but is the best option.  If that's not the case, you can also use body or pubic hair.  

Question Seven

How much do subscriptions cost?

We offer three levels of subscription, because some people want a basic plan and some want it all, it really depends on you. The three levels are Essential, Optimized and Performance. When you get your report you will see your own personalized version of each. Pricing within each level ranges depending on individual need. Essential is $35-$40 US$; Optimized is $45 - $90 US$, and Performance is $90 - $140 US$.

Question Eight

How often should I retest my hair?

Included in your report will be a retest recommendation. If you have a metal toxicity or other short term requirement for more supplements, your testing will normally be after about 3-4 months. If your recommendation is lighter and you don't have lots of symptoms you're trying to address, then you can retest in 9 to 12 months. We try to work around you to make things easy.

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