How it Works

Our easy 4-step program combines advanced testing with thorough analysis to ensure you are only taking supplements your body needs.
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We send you a test kit

It’s important to test your current nutrient levels so you don’t take unnecessary supplements. To understand your specific needs, we conduct a comprehensive assessment that can be done from the comfort of your home.

The assessment includes our easy-to-use metabolic hair test and online questionnaire.

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You send back a sample of your hair

Hair testing provides a clear window into cellular health, metabolic activity, nutrient levels, and toxic metal exposures- all of which a blood test doesn’t pick up on.

We require about a tablespoon of hair, and then we take care of the rest.

sample paragron report on mobile
We analyze your nutrient levels

We cross-reference the data to understand the nutritional imbalances and deficiencies driving more than 1,000 symptoms you may be experiencing.

The assessment provides valuable information about your metabolism and diet to detox your body and make a positive difference in how you feel.

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Choose your plan and start taking personalized vitamins

We send you the results from your assessment, and 4 personalized supplement plans. Each plan is designed to help you feel better, stronger, and healthier.

We provide four plan options, all personalized to you

$39 / month
(<$1.50 / day)

Essential nutrients to address basic deficiencies

Helps fuel your body and balance minerals

6-8 personalized supplements / day

Split between AM and PM packs


$59 / month
(<$2.00 / day)

Goes beyond Essential to fuel, detoxify, and rebuild the body

Goes beyond Essential to rebalance minerals driving metabolism

Cycles additional nutrients daily

Addresses greater deficiencies and imbalances

8-12 personalized supplements / day

Split between AM and PM packs

Free shipping


$79 – $89 / month
(<$3.00 / day)

Goes beyond Enhanced to fuel, detoxify, and rebuild the body

Goes beyond Enhanced to rebalance minerals driving metabolism

Goes beyond Enhanced to support immunity defense

Cycles additional nutrients more frequently for faster results

Addresses all deficiencies seen with busier lifestyles

12-18 personalized supplements / day

Split between AM, MIDDAY and PM packs

Free shipping


$155 / month

Designed for advanced issues

For deeper healing & recovery from long term stress and years of nutrient depletion

Dedicated support and managed onboarding

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I have seen a huge change in my body using Paragon.

My muscle soreness and arthritis are gone. I can run up the mountain way easier now. My energy levels are back up and my focus has been incredible, sort of like a fog lifted. Also, significant things are being fixed – my anxiety and depression are virtually gone. I have laser focus now.

Michael, 44

Get started with zero risk

If your nutrient levels are already optimal, we’ll give you your money back.
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