Daily Packs

Daily Packs

Take what's yours and only yours. Unlike other brands, our personalized supplement programs rotate and vary your supplements - throughout the day and the month - like you do your food.  And because our recommendations are based on your metabolic testing & questionnaire, they are 100% unique to you - designed to create optimal balance every day, every month.  

Hair Test Kit & Report

Find answers and take control of your health!  Price includes a full analysis and report based on your metabolic testing and questionnaire results.  Reports include subscription recommendations and are packed with details on your metabolic type, your specific mineral levels and actionable recommendations on diet, exercise and lifestyle. Over 20 pages all about you!   Guaranteed you'll be surprised by the results!

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Boost packs

Boost packs work in two ways. Some, like the probiotic or antifungal packs are recommended as add-ons to subscriptions based on your results. In this case they will be recommended in your report. Others are great for occasional use - with or without subscriptions - for periods when your body needs extra support - like sport training or a big night out.

Quality, Purity, Transparency

Our supplements A - Z

Our products use the purest, most natural, bio-available combinations of nutrients on the planet. Our finished products are rigorously tested and we have chosen ISURAâ„¢ third party verification and certification for most of our supplement products because they use state-of-the-art equipment to audit, test & verify those products from seed - table. This includes mass spectrometry to test for over 600 pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants, as well as real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) analysis, to identify genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms. ISURA guarantees non-GMO, safe, pure, and potent.

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