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Our proprietary analysis

Our gold standard metabolic test and online questionnaire cross-reference 350+ biomarkers, symptoms, and lifestyle data points, to generate a highly-effective personalized supplement plan. It has been clinically proven for over 15 years, first developed for doctors, patients and pro-athletes.

This complex personal assessment initially took 4 weeks and cost $10,000. But people saw improvements in their health. So we automated the process, reducing the time to days and overall cost to $129, making improving your health accessible.

90% of patients and 100% of athletes saw improvement in their health.


New standard in supplement formulations

We use only the cleanest and highest quality products in the most bioavailable forms. Proprietary formulations ensure nutrients are delivered in the ratios and forms nature intended, to balance your biochemistry and enhance wellness & performance.

Why hair is the best way to understand what your body needs

Your health depends on key mineral levels inside your cells, as these activate the vitamins and enzymes to fuel your body. Blood tests measure levels outside cells (extracellular), and the two are often not related.

For example, most magnesium is stored inside cells, whereas less than 2% is stored in blood, meaning blood is not a good indicator of your magnesium levels.

Most health concerns are associated with a particular balance of minerals. Adjusting those minerals and their associated vitamin levels is often the most critical factor to restoring better health.

You can have a “normal” blood test and still have hidden cellular vitamin, mineral, or nutrient imbalances that are revealed in a hair test. Hair testing measures mineral levels and ratios inside cells that directly affect related vitamin and metabolic activity.

The body needs to keep your blood pure and uncontaminated, so it works to quickly remove toxic heavy metals and instead stores them deep within your cells, which can be revealed through hair. By acting as a receptacle for heavy metals, a hair test will effectively pick up any ongoing metal toxicity.

Hair testing provides a long-term record of nutrient and toxin intake affecting your vitamin and mineral balances and overall metabolic activity. Whereas blood tests are subject to minute by minute fluctuations based on activity, emotions, and food eaten most recently.

Taking a small snippet of your hair is pain-free, easy to do, and doesn't require any special storage or transport methods. It will arrive at the lab without any fear of spoiling or damage. All hair is incinerated and disposed once processed.

90% of people see an improvement in their health

For more than 15 years Paragon research and nutritional interventions have helped improve people's health, and set records in Olympic and professional sport. Our recommendations are based on decades of metabolic analysis with naturopaths, doctors and athletes.

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The importance of custom vitamins

Vitamins and minerals activate the most critical enzyme reactions in the body. They ensure the proper functioning of digestion, hormones, detoxification, muscle activity, acid/alkaline balance, and cell synthesis and repair.

But it's critical that you are getting the vitamins your body needs. Because you are unique, and your supplemental needs are as unique as your fingerprint. It's why we deliver right formulas, in the right combinations, at the right time, all designed for you.

Why most people need supplements for better health

  • Stress: even good stress like exercise, puts strains on mineral and nutrient reserves.
  • Dietary Choices: improper supplementation and other substances like alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and other drugs strain and disrupt nutrient balance.
  • Synthetic fertilizers: deplete soil of key minerals, so any plants (or animals) raised on that soil is missing most vitamins and minerals. This can make the foods you eat incomplete, robbing you of nutritional support.
  • Toxins: deplete your body of vital vitamins and minerals required for detoxification and tissue repair. Toxic metals and chemicals are found in food, water, air and in everyday products like cosmetics and household cleaners.

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